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Our club is called Shiro Kashi Aikido Club. Shiro Kashi is Japanese for White Oak. We thought that this was a suitable name as we train in the National Forest and traditionally the weapons we use are made of Japanese white oak. The Japanese writing that is part of the club badge says Shiro Kashi.

We are a friendly, close knit club that encourages students to maximise their potential. We don't concern ourselves with 'Who is the best?' and we don't compete with others.
Our teachers have a relaxed teaching style. They don't need to demand respect, as their competence ensures they are not questioned.
Don't for a minute think that makes our students weak. We will push you to be the best that you can be. Ask any of the students, they are performing at higher levels than they ever thought possible and are eager to keep developing. Teachers have the highest standards and expect everyone to give 100%, but they also know that everyone is individual and learns in different ways and at different speeds.

Teacher Details

Head Instructor

Sensei David Law ‐ 5th Dan
Sensei David Law ? 5th Dan

Holds Full BAB Coach Level 2 Award.
Qualified First Aider

A Bit About Me...

I started training in 1991 under Sensei Paul Sheldon and have many happy memories of training at Chase Aikido club and other local clubs that made up our organisation.

I was always encouraged to attend seminars, see different instructors and it was at the Easter '93 seminar in Cambridge where I first met Sensei's Tony Sergeant and Paul McGlone, who taught alongside Pat Hendricks Sensei of San Leandro dojo in California. It was probably that seminar that changed my direction.

I continued to train at my old club, but attended as many Iwama seminars as I could. Shortly after receiving my shodan I made the decision to change styles. This was a tough time as I had to learn new ways and change the focus of my techniques.

In 1997 I decided to study as uchi deshi in the Orwell dojo near Cambridge under Tony Sensei. I stayed for 3 months, training six and seven days a week, attending other classes in the area and any seminars that Tony Sensei taught at. I made some life long friends and learned a lot of Aikido and a lot about myself. At the end of the uchi deshi my shodan grade was ratified.

The following year I went back to Orwell for another 4 weeks and on my return home I moved to South Derbyshire. I soon realised that if I wanted to continue training in the same style I would have to open a club and teach myself, and so in January 1999 Shiro Kashi opened its doors for the first time.


Stephen McInerney - 2nd Dan

Stephen McInerney ? 2nd Dan

Stephen is the organisations representative and qualified coach with the BAB.

Misho Duravic - 1st Dan

Misho Duravic ? 1st Dan

Misho started training in 2012 and was awarded Shodan at the clubs 20th anniversary seminar on May 2019.

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Contact Sensei David Law

e-mail: ShiroKashiAikido@Gmail.Com